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Goddess Lena – Solo Mistress Site

Fetish Cams – Webcams

Obedient Slaves – Membersite

Femdom Club – Membersite

English Femdom – Membersite

Femdom City – Link Directory

Duck’s Feet Links – Link Directory

Head under Heels – Mebersite

Brutal Girls – Membersite

German Foot Girls -Community

Strapon Jane – Solo Mistress Site

Femdom Planet – Link Directory

Goddess Vicky – Solo Mistress Site

Cruel Feet – Galleries

Goddess Celine – Solo Mistress Site

Femdom TPG – Galleries 

Her Feet – Membersite 

The Temple – Galleries

Tramplette – Membersite

Mistress Niti – Solo Mistress Site

Supertrample – Membersite

She Fightz – Membersite

Girl Power – Membersite


Since 2005, this Trampling Directory has been curating the best fetish content from across the internet for a satisfying user experience. If a site is no longer active, it is taken down immediately to make room for better content. It might seem like a small list, but that’s because the focus is on quality. There’s no need to sift through anything that will distract you from the sexy mistresses ready to dominate.


Take a deep dive into trampling and discover how it feels to let someone else be in control. The soft skin, unbridled pressure, the build-up and release – no other fetish quite compares. Whether you’re a slave who needs to be punished or a man looking for beautiful feet, our directory is sure to have something pleasurable. Each site here is handpicked and viewed by others who love trampling and femdom just as much as you, so you know that you’re getting quality content.

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